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Lead - Partnership & Portfolio Management

Maharashtra, India
15 - 20 (in years)
₹ 75,00,000 - ₹ 95,00,000
Job level - Senior Management
Portfolio balancing and Enhancement

About Job

This position is responsible for driving portfolio strategy, In Licensing partnerships, and product evaluation and introduction. This position provides value by identifying new product opportunities, determining the direction for a portfolio of products, and product lifecycle management. Responsibility for identifying the right strategic partners to build a robust portfolio for sustained growth is a key aspect of this role.

Job Description

1. Portfolio Management– Continuous evaluation and gap identification in the company’s portfolio with respect to changing external and internal business landscape, preparing and evaluating proposals for new product inclusion. Identifies needs for new products based on feedback from Product Management, Crop Management, Sales, Product Development teams and ideates, proposes, and contributes to the development of new programs and

2. Product Life cycle Management – Assist the entire lifecycle management of a product from inception to commercialization, identifying opportunities for innovation to build them into IP assets at every stage of development

3. Market research and exploration – Doing secondary and primary research, partnering with innovators to study the latest developments and innovations which in turn can be product and business opportunities for inclusion in PI’s portfolio.

4 Handling market intelligence, segmentation along with analysis and product positioning in closed coordination with Marketing and Product Development

5. Process improvement and key initiatives: Drive the various initiatives and projects on new product evaluations, development, and coordinate

6. Maintains and ensures enough sensitivity and confidentiality while sharing the information with various stakeholders in line with the Secrecy Agreements while looking into the long-term interests of the company & the partners.

7. Responsible for nurturing and strengthening the key business relationships and securing additional business opportunities from both new and existing clients

8. Provide guidance and oversee implementation of research, in-house trials, and testing activities for new molecules, based on the new product development plan and internal committee approvals for new molecule development

9. Oversee timely and accurate preparation of product dossiers for submission as per regulatory requirements, within specified timelines



Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Agri Finance
Job Level
Senior Management
₹ 75,00,000 - ₹ 95,00,000
15 - 20 (in years)
Reporting To
CEO & President Agribusiness
Company Name
Portfolio balancing and Enhancement
Company Size

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