Talent Development & Retention Services

Employee Engagement & Communication

Provides comprehensive view of management teams, this tool represents a summary of the results obtained by selected management team based on each individual manager's results in the Checkpoint 360 degree feedback system.

The report surveys each manager's alignment with the company's vision, mission, objectives, and strategic goals. This report is an outstanding tool which helps lay down the course which leads to the fulfillment of the organizational goals.

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Profiles Workforce Analysis

Workforce Compatibility is a powerful tool which measures the compatibility of a manager (e.g. a team leader, a head of section, or a director) with his/her employees.

Through a greater understanding of the dynamics in their working relationship, the manager and the employee learn to appreciate both their differences and similarities which leads to a more positive and productive working relationship. The product reveals "compatibility gaps" and offers solutions to challenges in low productivity, low engagement, communication problems, and conflicts.

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