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In today’s “candidate-driven” market, ways you look for talent and the nature of hiring processes itself has changed. Candidates value crisp and engaging hiring experiences and appreciate transparency. iCresset’s Assessment solutions equip your organization with a transparent and engaging model that enables a roadmap for growth. Beyond just acquiring and managing the best talent, it creates a talent pool that continuously up-scales to your organization’s talent and growth strategies.

Job Fit Assessments

These world class Assessment Solutions come with a suite of intuitive, analytical and outcome-oriented reports which predict the best fit individuals who are aligned with your organization’s culture and simultaneously meet the key Hiring & Succession Planning objectives.

“TOTAL PERSON” Assessment

Prevue is an automated online test with duration varying from 15 minute to an hour. Based on the globally accepted “Big Five Personality Model”, this revolutionary 5th Generation Total Person Assessment tool generates 9 comprehensive reports, catering to every stage of Talent Management’s Life Cycle.

It has been used successfully to reduce attrition, improve productivity and supports high-volume usage across the Talent Management life cycle.

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iCresset uses PREVUE a proven Hiring and Development tool reputed for:
  • Job Benchmarking Capabilities
  • Total Person Assessment – including Aptitude, Interests and Behavior
These Attributes:
  • Reduce Attrition
  • Improve Productivity
  • Enable High-Volume Usage across the Talent Management Life Cycle.
4 General Mental Abilities
3 Motivations & Interests
13 Dichotomous Personality Traits
Candidates Fitment with ideal Benchmark for the Job

“Job Fit”- Reflects candidate’s predicted success quotient in the job. To be used for selection/succession planning/career counselling

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Saville Consulting Assessment

This comprehensive tool is a proven accurate measure of Personality and Competence, gives you dual insights in Talent & Motive and helps in understanding performance enhancers and Inhibitors. It also evaluates the cultural and environment fit of the individual. We use Saville Assessments for an objective and informative selection process, supported by behavioural event interviews.

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Developed by Prof Peter Saville of SHL fame, The Expert Report suite from Saville Consulting Assessment is best suited to meet the Leadership Assessment and Development needs. This comprehensive Assessment delivers the following outcomes:

  • Strong and accurate measure of Personality & Competence potential
  • Dual insights into Talent (what one is good at) and Motive (what one enjoys doing)
  • Helps in understanding Performance Enhancers and Inhibitors
  • Provides insights into the Culture & Environment fit of the individual
  • Option of generating multiple reports from the same instrument
  • Assessments captured on the globally accepted Saville WaveR performance culture framework
  • Reputed for delivering a positive candidate experience

iCresset team is accredited for the use of Saville Assessments towards enabling an Objective and Informed Selection Process, aided by Behavioral Event Interview.

Saville Reports

Saville Personality & Competence Report

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Robust & Comprehensive Reference Check

Skill Survey is an automated 3600 Feedback Tool for information-rich and development oriented Reference Check Process. Instead of relying on word of mouth/over the phone reference check practices currently prevailing in the market, Skill Survey enables an objective take on candidate’s past performance.

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Pre-Hire 3600 Reference Check
Step 1

The recruiter enters candidate information and the choose job-specific survey.

Step 2

The candidate enters the relevant reference information.

Step 3

The reference completes candidate assessment, adds personal comments on the candidates strengths and indicates areas of improvement.

Step 4
Generation of Report

The report can be downloaded after a minimum number of references have responded.

Skill Survey Reports

Skill Survey Ref Check Report

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