Talent Assessment Services

Suite of Assessments with Multi Dimension Feedback to Build High Performance Workforce

iCresset is proud to introduce to Indian Market some of the finest Assessments from Prevue HR. Prevue HR's Revolutionary Total Person Assessment predicts Job Fit with Accuracy that not many can match - globally! Armed with revolutionary Prevue HR Assessments, and having tie ups with other Assessment Services Provider, we can do the following for you:

  1. Diagnostic Study to Identify the Assessment Needs of the Organization
  2. Shortlist 2-3 most relevant Assessments from over 20 reputed assessment providers in the market
  3. Conduct In House Validation Studies to establish Concurrent Validity of the Assessments
  4. Pick the One with Best Concurrent Validity. Help Measure Predictive Validity and establish ROI on the same in the long term
  5. Conduct Assessment and Development Centers
  6. Enable or Build Competency based Talent Management Process
  7. Establish Talent Analytics for better hiring, Succession Planning and hence improved Productivity and Employee engagement

Know More About Prevue HR Hiring Solutions - visit www.icresset.prevuepro.com