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Backend Developer

2 - 6 (in years)
₹ - ₹
Job level - Middle Management

About Job

We are looking for developers responsible for the development and maintenance of Jiva's suite of applications. They currently operate a service-based architecture that powers 3 android apps, as well as having 100s of real-world integration points from farmers, logistics providers, financial tools, space satellite data and more.They are looking for backend developers who are looking for a challenging, fast-paced and rewarding career

Job Description

Overall Responsibilities:

To be responsible for the development and maintenance of the apps at Jiva.


Granular Responsibilities:

  1. Write well tested and maintainable code in Ruby on Rails and Elixir.
  2. The ability to work on multiple services and switch context.
  3. Helping to design APIs to power our apps
  4. Identifying performance bottlenecks and helping ensure services are functional as we hit scale
  5. Getting services to run in production, and ensuring that we have the right monitoring in place

Working with the team to figure out what we should be building next

Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Agri E Commerce
Job Level
Middle Management
2 - 6 (in years)
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