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Performance Marketing Manager

Maharashtra, India
1 - (in years)
₹ - ₹
Job level - Middle Management
DIY craft kit company

About Job

We are looking for a Performance Marketing Manager who has expertise and knowledge in Amazon PPC and Google Ads. He should have experience in managing digital accounts and diversifying the channel mix using paid social channels. S/he will focus on campaign-specific results and drive the marketing department’s commercial performance. The person will be driving key metrics like Total ACOS, ROAS, and CTR using various analytical tools and marketing channels.

Job Description

1. Drive campaigns from planning to execution and beyond to meet key performance metrics
2. Constantly optimize marketing activities to improve return on investment

a) Source and implement the most effective keywords, measure keyword performance, and optimize campaigns based on them.
b) Tweak your strategies by evaluating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of all
existing marketing channels to determine and make necessary adjustments to optimize
marketing effectiveness.
c) Understand your products inside out. Research competitors and their strategies to find
the gaps in the industry and accordingly set up marketing and advertising goals for the
d) Manage ad placements, target the relevant interests and topics and use Google’s in-
market audiences for search ads.
e) Use multi-touch attribution to track touchpoints across the funnel, which will help
maximize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign effectiveness.

3. Explore new marketing opportunities such as social media channels, apps, ad formats, etc.
4. Allocate budgets and analyze and recommend modifications to ad spends
5. Collaborate with marketing teams to guide A/B creative tests, and incrementality tests, and spend
scaling tests on campaigns online and offline to identify what works best
6. Test new channels and trends (such as voice search, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital
Out of Home, etc.)
7. Optimize marketing budgets to maximize Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and efficiently scale new

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Job Level
Middle Management
1 - (in years)
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DIY craft kit company
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