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Python DWH Developer

Uttar Pradesh, India
3 - 5 (in years)
₹ - ₹
Job level - Middle Management
PV technology solutions

About Job

We are looking for a Python DWH Developer with expertise and knowledge in the reporting domain and an understanding of databases. This is a pivotal role in the development team that will build effective APIs that access and manipulate enormous datasets, working with product managers, front-end developers, and DBAs as needed.

Job Description

1. Expert in Installation/configuration/ maintenance and Administration of PostgreSQL, emphasizing EnterpriseDB versions.
2. Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.
3. Expert in developing scripts for a range of maintenance activities.

4. Experience with Enterprise Failover Manager for HA is required.
5. Must be able to patch/upgrade PostgreSQL in HA architecture.
6. Experience with xDB Replication preferred.
7. Knowledge of connection poolers like pool and pgBouncer will be good.
8. Thorough knowledge of database security best practices.
9. Experience with Implementation in a Cloud Environment ideal.
10. Expert in performance analysis and resolution.
11. Knowledge of Planning and Implementing (scripting) backup strategies.
12. Cloud SaaS (multi-tenant) environment experience preferred

Job Details

Life Sciences
Job Level
Middle Management
3 - 5 (in years)
Uttar Pradesh
Reporting To
Tech Manager
Company Name
PV technology solutions
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