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DGM /GM Sourcing

Uttar Pradesh, India
10 - (in years)
₹ - ₹ 40,00,000
Job level - Senior Management
Agrochemical/Agri industry

About Job

Key responsibilities of this individual include, but not limited to, global sourcing of intermediates and Active ingredients, gather market intelligence on new suppliers/manufactures and sourcing hubs as well as identify formulations & technicals which are receiving favorable response from market. A critical aspect of this role will be to liaison with MNCs and Indian firms with relevant product registrations for co-marketing tie ups. A person high on gathering market intelligence for sourcing of raw material as well as towards co-marketing new formulations and mixtures will excel in this role.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:


  1. Global Sourcing: Mostly sourcing is undertaken from internaltional as well as Indian market. 

There are many technical intermediates that our client deals with, out of which

only many odd technicals are sourced from international market. As part of sourcing technicals

and intermediates for manufacturing of formulations, following key activities will

be undertaken by the Sourcing lead:

  • Engage existing suppliers and identify backup suppliers of technicals sourced from

internaltional market

  • Liaison with suppliers of technicals in India through various Indian manufacturers /

innovator MNC companies

  • Intermediates: Identify suppliers of intermediates towards ensuring their regular

availability at our client’s toll manufacturers

  • Identify back up sources for both the intermediates and technicals among Indian as

well as Chinese suppliers. Actively work towards creating robust supply ecosystem

  • Identify Indian/Chinese suppliers with active registrations for the relevant technicals

to aid their import and regular supply to various toll manufacturers of our client


  1. New Product Development:
  • Basis inputs received from R&D and Product Development teams, work on

identifying toll manufacturers and suppliers of technical and intermediates

towards aiding development of new mixtures and formulations

  • Liaison with Innovator companies to explore synergies in co – marketing of off

patented products


  1. Market Intelligence:
  • Identify shifting trends in new molecules, innovative /low-cost alternatives to existing

Active ingredients and intermediates both in terms of the chemicals as well as the

sourcing hubs/suppliers

  • Keep a track on Indian manufacturers with various new product registrations to

create back up sourcing as well as to explore co-marketing Opportunities

Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Job Level
Senior Management
10 - (in years)
Uttar Pradesh
Reporting To
Company Name
Agrochemical/Agri industry
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