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Head – R&D, Field Crops

Telangana, India
15 - 20 (in years)
₹ 70,00,000 - ₹
Job level - Senior Management
Seeds Industry

About Job

Head R&D, Crop Improvement Programs (Field Crop) will oversee research activities and shall be responsible for defining the overall strategy, planning of all Crop breeding related R&D programs with specific focus on Non cotton Field crops like corn, varietal and hybrid rice, pearl millet, sorghum, oilseeds (mustard & sunflower) & wheat. Managing an R&D budget in excess of 30 crores, this individual will drive development of new commercially successful varieties of field crop which can add atleast 200+ crores to the topline in next 3 years time, while ensuring successful launches of existing pipeline of products through proper documentary support.

Job Description

  • The Head (CIP) under the overall guidance of Director (Res) shall be responsible for defining the overall strategy, planning of all Crop breeding related R&D programs.
  • To prepare annual Crop-wise R&D and Trialing plan along with Crop Breeding Leads and obtain budget approvals for conducting R&D.
  • To plan, execute and achieve breeding value through development of suitable Plant varieties in line with the business growth targets of the organization.
  • To regularly monitor the crop breeding programs and R&D operations in line with targeted outcomes
  • To coordinate and collaborate with cross functional teams (Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Product Development) for seeking inputs and understanding on Product requirements for planning and execution for genetic improvement programs for developing new varieties of plants as per the overall guidance of R&D committee of the Board.
  • To closely collaborate with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology teams for planning and execution of marker assisted breeding programs, Biotechnology support programs for overall genetic improvement program of different crops
  • To continuously work with all R&D teams including Biotechnology teams in pursuit of breeding excellence and targeted outcomes.
  • To guide and participate in crop-wise R&D/Breeding planning exercise including finalization of experimental designs and setting up trial plans for both parental line breeding and commercial breeding.
  • To guide the breeding teams in collation and analysis of data and development of statistically sound analytical findings and inferences for making decisions on selection and identification of suitable plant varieties for commercialization.
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the breeding programs and develop crop-wise Half-yearly and Annual Reports for the management.
  • To regularly make visits to all breeding and trialing stations for reviewing the progress of planned activities.
  • To manage and maintain the our client’s Germplasm repository as per scientific standards
  • To coordinate, develop and prepare R&D information, trial data and other requirements for filing of information to regulatory authorities, PPVFRA, Central and State Governments.
  • To represent our clients and its subsidiaries in R&D meetings, Symposia, stakeholder consultations, etc., conducted by various public and private sector organizations.
  • To work with R&D teams to provide Root cause analysis and issue resolution for product/seed complaints when required.
  • To regularly work with Breeding teams for enabling Maintenance breeding program
  • To work with our client’s supply chain teams for ensuring timely handover and multiplication of Breeding seed for multiplication into Foundation seeds.
  • Any other responsibility related to R&D deliverables and operations.


Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Job Level
Senior Management
₹ 70,00,000 - ₹
15 - 20 (in years)
Reporting To
Company Name
Seeds Industry
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