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Executive Director

Delhi, India
10 - (in years)
₹ - ₹ 35,00,000
Job level - Senior Management
Leading Industry Associations of Seed Industry

About Job

The Executive Director is a full time employee of the Company, appointed for such terms and conditions as the Board may decide. The Executive Director is responsible for running the day to day operations of the company, is a member of the Management Committee and is a permanent invitee to the Board Meetings of the Company.

Job Description

  • Policy Advocacy. Builds good rapport with different key personnel in the Central and State Governments and regulatory bodies.  Represent effectively the Association’s views in various meetings being conducted by the Government and to establish the Association as a thought leader in the area of seed and seed technology. Creates positive impact on the policies of the Government representing the objectives of the Company.
  • To be a repository of the latest developments in the field of Seed and Seed Technology around the world, the issues of the seed industry in India and  to be able to converse with knowledge, conviction and passion.
  • External stakeholder management through dialogue, constructive engagement and continuous communication.
  • Internal Communication among all the member companies on a continuous basis on all matters of importance related to the activities of the Company and changes taking place in the external environment.
  • Prepares all the responses and representations to the Government on behalf of the Association in a timely manner, gets them cleared internally before submission and follows up on such submissions to create a positive impact on the thinking process in the Government.
  • Budget Management and Administration. Preparation of annual budgets, getting them approved by the Management Committee and the Board and controlling the actual expenditure as per budgets.
  • Manages the bank accounts, book keeping and expense reimbursements. Gets the accounts audited as per legal requirements.
  • Managing relationships with all funding agencies
  • Forming alliances on behalf of the Association with other organizations and undertaking joint activities and campaigns as needed.
  • Managing the activities of the PR agency and media interactions at regular intervals.
  • Organizing conferences on behalf of the Association.
  • Managing relationships with APSA, ISF, ASTA, Seed associations of other countries/continents, CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, Diplomatic channels, Foundations, NGOs, NSAI, SABC and similar organizations for the benefit of the Association.
  • Fund raising
  • Maintaining all office and official correspondence. He/ She shall give the notice for holding the meeting of the Association and to make all arrangements thereof.
  • Writes articles in media, addresses press conferences and electronic media and social media platforms to communicate the view point of the Association on several matters.
  • Responsible for management of the Secretariat of the Association and provide leadership to the team in the Secretariat. All the persons working in the Secretariat will report to the ED unless the board changes the reporting structures in future based on specific needs.
  • The ED has to lead and work with Director (Biotechnology), Director (Govt Affairs) and the Communications Manager towards achieving the objectives of the Association.


Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Job Level
Senior Management
10 - (in years)
Reporting To
Company Name
Leading Industry Associations of Seed Industry
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