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DGM /GM Sourcing

Uttar Pradesh, India
10 - (in years)
₹ 40,00,000 - ₹ 50,00,000
Job level - Senior Management
Agri Input Company

About Job

Key responsibilities of this individual include, but not limited to, global sourcing of intermediates and active ingredients, gather market intelligence on new suppliers/manufactures and sourcing hubs as well as identify formulations & technical which are receiving favorable response from market. A critical aspect of this role will be to liaison with MNCs and Indian firms with relevant product registrations for co-marketing tie ups. A person high on gathering market intelligence for sourcing of raw material as well as towards co-marketing new formulations and mixtures will excel in this role.

Job Description

Global Sourcing

Engage existing suppliers and identify backup suppliers of technicals sourced from China

∙ Liaison with suppliers of technicals in India through various Indian manufacturers / innovator

MNC companies

∙ Intermediates: Identify suppliers of intermediates towards ensuring their regular availability at

Clients toll manufacturers

∙ Identify back up sources for both the intermediates and technicals among Indian as well as

Chinese suppliers. Actively work towards creating robust supply ecosystem

∙ Identify Indian/Chinese suppliers with active registrations for the relevant technicals to aid

their import and regular supply to various toll manufacturers of our client

New Product Development:

∙ Basis inputs received from R&D and Product Development teams, work on identifying

toll manufacturers and suppliers of technical and intermediates towards aiding

development of new mixtures and formulations

∙ Liaison with Innovator companies to explore synergies in co – marketing of off patented


Market Intelligence:

∙ Identify shifting trends in new molecules, innovative /low-cost alternatives to existing Active

ingredients and intermediates both in terms of the chemicals as well as the sourcing


∙ Keep a track on Indian manufacturers with various new product registrations to create back up

sourcing as well as to explore co-marketing Opportunities

Job Details

Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Job Level
Senior Management
₹ 40,00,000 - ₹ 50,00,000
10 - (in years)
Uttar Pradesh
Reporting To
Company Name
Agri Input Company
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