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Head – Collaborative Cotton Farming

15 - 22 (in years)
₹ - ₹
Job level - Senior Management

About Job

The company is looking for a Head- Collaborative Cotton Farming wherein S/He will be responsible for farming and procurement. Essentially, the candidate shall monitor the acres under single-variety Cotton cultivation, and monitor and implement agronomic services and traceability systems at different times.

Job Description

  • Lead and manage a pan India team to ensure sustainable growth of CCF market purchase of Cotton to deliver quantity and quality of Cotton supply as per budgets and at the most competitive costs
  • Drive extension program of High-Density Planting System and Decarbonization standards to demonstrate productivity, profitability, and sustainability gains.
  • Implement different agronomic systems such as HDPS, BCI, Regen, and organic Cotton systems as per the needs of the consumer/market.
  • Support Carbon offset mechanism deployment along with CCF and enable audits for measurement of Carbon credits.
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of farming as per the prescribed agronomic practices and sustainability/decarbonization standards
  • Work with farmers and mobilize them for the development of FPOs and Farmer collectives.
  • Developing & implementing a strategy for long-lasting farmers' relationships
  • Facilitate relationships among growers with third-party participation in the program – Banks / Insurance / Chemical suppliers / Efficient Irrigation equipment and Mechanizations etc,
  • Develop & maintain strong relations with all key stakeholders including rural agricultural cooperatives, Agri-input dealers, aggregators, farmers & government officials so as to strengthen relations and brand equity of the company in the region.
  • To ensure best storage practices and develop logistics support for enabling procurement operations.
  • Manage storage program to deliver the least storage loss/cost as per SoPs.
  • Risk Management, receivables management, and ensuring legal & contractual obligations for the business.

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Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Seeds & Agri Biotech
Job Level
Senior Management
15 - 22 (in years)
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