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Deputy General Manager - Finance & Accounts

18 - 22 (in years)
₹ - ₹
Job level - Senior Management

About Job

The client company is looking for a Chartered Accountant having around 18-22years’ experience (minimum) preferably in a large, listed Company with a good understanding of the Ind AS and related requirements of the Financial Reporting (Standalone and Consolidated both), Companies Act, and Taxation Laws (Direct and Indirect both). Should have the experience to deal with the Statutory Auditors (preferably with Big 4s) and other agencies to put forward an organizational perspective and deal with a technical understanding of the matter. The candidate should have a basic understanding and business acumen for the decision-making in a business from the finance perspective and should be able to guide/support the management in achieving its objective.

Job Description

Job Description - 

  • Vendor Service Management, Payroll accounting and Processing, and Employees Payments
  • Financial Accounts Closing, MIS, Monitoring of fixed costs and Review of Balance Sheet
  • Tax Compliances (Indirect Taxes) - Pursue Settlement of all pending cases, Timely compliance of all tax laws, all input credits to be availed, GST refunds- timely filing of claims and pursue with the department for sanction order & payment.
  • Project accounting for any project (includes payments, MIS, and Tax-related compliances).
  • Optimize Insurance Premium Costs for all insurances (all risks excluding health insurance) and administer Insurance Claims.
  • Optimization of business expenses for capital management and expense reduction based on vendor negotiations.
  • Process and System Improvement Initiatives.
  • Timely Audits (Internal and external) and Compliance of Regulations (SOPs & Limits of Authority Manuals (LOAMs).
  • Management of all capital and revenue budgets (all business plans).
  • Proper training and development plan for key individuals and Setting SMART objectives.
  • CSR (expenditure, budget allocation, compliance, negotiations), Pre-audit of Purchase Approval Notes of Trust, Close monitoring of CSR expenses accounting. 

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Food, Agribusiness & Allied
Job Level
Senior Management
18 - 22 (in years)
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