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18 - 25 (in years)
₹ 55,00,000 - ₹ 65,00,000
Job level - Senior Management
Llargest integrated building materials companies in India

About Job

The client company is seeking a result-oriented professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, CRM, Business Development, Cross-Sell & Commercial Operations. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of maintaining customer relationships and achieving quality product and service norms. Expertise lies in strategic planning, market plan execution, franchisee service, product development, pre-sales efforts, after-sale service, market analysis, and marketing. With excellent communication, relationship management, and organizational skills, the candidate should be able to effectively lead and motivate teams to achieve desired business objectives.

Job Description

Notable Responsibilities:

  1. Marketing and Sales Support:

    • Head all marketing and sales support activities such as ATL, BTL, Digital Marketing, CRM Initiatives & Loyalty Programs, and Branding.
  2. Campaign Planning and Implementation:

    • Lead the planning and implementation of ATL, BTL, and Digital Marketing campaigns for Pan India.
  3. Visibility Planning:

    • Plan outdoor and retail visibility, in-shop branding, and on-ground activations to enhance brand presence.
  4. Marketing Communication Management:

    • Develop and manage marketing communication plans and budgets for new product launches and brand promotional campaigns.
  5. Digital Marketing Strategy:

    • Develop and manage digital marketing strategies, explore multiple channels to reach consumers effectively, and execute loyalty programs and incentive schemes.
  6. Agency Management:

    • Manage external digital marketing agencies to ensure alignment with company objectives and strategies.
  7. New Product Launches:

    • Successfully launched two new products, Prism Champion Duratech Cement and Prism Champion Plus Cement, along with go-to-market strategy.
  8. Marketing Campaigns and Strategies:

    • Successfully launched marketing campaigns and go-to-market strategies for new grinding units in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
  9. Channel Partner Engagement:

    • Explore multiple channels to reach out to consumers effectively and efficiently, launching periodic schemes targeting consumers and channel partners.
  10. Performance Analysis:

    • Develop pre and post-sales analysis of all activities and campaigns to evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

Job Location: South India

Salary Best in Industry

Job Details

Building Products
Job Level
Senior Management
₹ 55,00,000 - ₹ 65,00,000
18 - 25 (in years)
Reporting To
Company Name
Llargest integrated building materials companies in India
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