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If you ever felt that existing "Standalone" Personality assessments are falling short of helping you hire the "Best Fit" employees, you are not wrong!

High Score on Personality Scales does not necessarily convert into High Performance on the job, unless it "Fits" in with the Benchmarked Traits needed to perform in the role!

Similarly, High Performance is not just an outcome of individual's Behavioral Fitment (Personality Traits) with the job, but equally so with the individual's underlying Interest in the offered Role, while possessing the Right Aptitude to handle its demands!

iCresset is pleased to introduce Prevue, The cutting edge, 5th Gen "Total Person" Assessment tool, for the first time in India. You can now Equip your Hiring Process with this Cutting Edge Selection tool, enabling it to effectively weed out Low Productivity & High Attrition from your Talent Pool!

Here's How We Do It:


Prevue's Unique and Comprehensive "Total Person Assessment" measures Job Fitment w.r.t all 3 key drivers of Success on Job, namely:

  1. General Abilities through proficiency in:
    • Comprehending & Analyzing Data (numerical ability),
    • Comprehending & Analyzing Written Material (English Language proficiency)
    • Spatial Reasoning Abilities (working with shapes, diagrams, spaces)
  2. Interests & Motivations through capturing Candidate’s Interest in:
    • Working with People
    • Working with Data
    • Working with Things
  3. Personality Traits through 4 major ICES scales & 8 related Sub - Scales, namely:
    • Spontaneous vs. Cndependent [ I ]
      • Cooperative vs. competitive
      • Submissive vs. assertive
    • Diplomatic vs. Conscientious [ C ]
      • Innovative vs. Conventional,
      • Reactive vs. Organized,
    • Introvert vs. Extroverted [ E ]
      • Self Sufficient vs. Group Oriented,
      • Reserved vs. Outgoing,
    • Emotional vs. Stable [ S ]
      • Restless vs. Poised,
      • Excitable vs. Relaxed
    • Social Desirability Scale

      Worried that candidates might have faked their responses? Prevue's Social Desirability scale measures exactly that, raising red flags when it detects response manipulation to suit role requirements

II. Map the Performance DNA of Your Organization with Prevue!

The first step in selecting the best fit professional for the role is by defining what "Best Fit" means. It's about setting the benchmark! Prevue's Unique Benchmark Creation Tool enables you to define this Benchmark, unique to your organization and role, through:

  • Job Description Survey

    We will help you survey managers within your organization to better understand the characteristics they believe are required for success in the position.

  • Concurrent Study

    If you already have good people in similar roles we will help you survey them to determine the shared characteristics and traits that have made them successful in the position.

  • Existing Benchmark Library

    You will have access to our benchmark library, where you simply match your job description as closely as possible to more than 700 positions covered.

III. Wide Repertoire of Prevue Reports available across Employee’s Life Cycle:

Prevue's unique Reporting System offers you report relevant for Every Stage of your organization's Talent Management Life Cycle. And because we really want you to use them, we offer them for FREE! You read it right – Prevue Charges you only for the assessment, reports come FREE!

5 Families of Reports Offered by Prevue Assessment are as follows:
  • Selection Reports to assist with Job Fit Assessment, suggested job interview questions or hiring applications;
  • Personal Development for training and coaching requirements;
  • Succession Planning Report to compare a candidate to the Benchmarks for various jobs;
  • Individual Report which can be made available to a permanent employee if desired;
  • Working Characteristics Reports provides information on five topics presented as business related behaviors. It can be generated in Sales Version & General Version

IV. Prevue Reports : Highly Valid & Reliable

PrevueTM Assessment is the first validated, business-orientated human resource assessment instrument introduced in over twenty years and no other occupational evaluation instrument has ever been as thoroughly verified. Prevue is a "Good Test" because:

⇒ It's Reliable

Prevue tests have proven a 95% + accuracy in reliability of reporting.

⇒ It's Valid

Four built-in self-validation methods make it almost impossible to fake or manipulate the results of Prevue

⇒ It's Objective

Every Prevue test has a complete set of administration and scoring guidelines

Download Section:

(Here all the reports will be available for download)

Prevue Assessment's reports can be used for a wide variety of human resource requirements including

  • Assist in Prediction of the Job suitability of candidates for Specific Jobs
  • Aiding the team building process
  • Detailing specific information on employees' training and coaching requirements

View Sample Reports:

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